For this event, I was first in charge of creating the communication visuals. These same visuals were published on social networks, printed in posters and flyers, and were used in every communication action around this event. 
After creating the visuals, I contacted the city's service providers to organize the installation of the pre-printed materials. A dozen visuals were posted throughout the city, in key and high traffic locations. This campaign had a certain success since the inhabitants of Montargis came to attend the final phases of the competition on Saturday and Sunday.
During the event, I also took part in two management activities. The first one was to create a playlist that would be played during the whole competition, especially during the breaks and the quieter moments, to keep the atmosphere festive and dynamic. Secondly, I was in charge of covering the competition as an amateur photographer, during the whole first day. Here are some examples of photos taken that day. I then made all of the nearly 300 photos available to everyone by sharing them on an open Google Drive. 

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