• be understandable internationally.
• be recognizable and unique.
• reprensent both the hosting city and country, and the values of olympic games.
• be legible and identifiable on any medium.
• will stand the test of time, fashions and will not become obsolete.

The three values of Olympism are excellence, friendship and respect. They constitute the basis on which the Olympic Movement bases its activities to promote sport, culture and education for a better world.

The 2012 Summer Olympics (officially the Games of the XXX Olympiad) were meant to embody dynamism, youth, open-mindeness, and modernity. The 2012 Olympic Games had the ambition to be the «Games for everyone», with young people as a priority target.
The Logo
The logo consists of 4 blue and 4 red stripes, representing both the lanes of an athletics track, strong symbol of the Olympic Games, but also the stripes present on the union jack, flag of the United Kingdom. 
These 8 stripes join to form the Big Ben monument, major symbol of the organizing city, London. 
The values of Olympism, such as union, sharing, youth, growth, and diversity are represented with the help of the 8 stripes that start from a wide base to meet at the top. 
The font used, Continuo, allows to link the subtitle to the logo itself, being composed of bands with a dynamic and modern look.
For the Paralympic use, the five Olympic rings are simply replaced by the Paralympic logo. This choice is in keeping with the logic of simplicity and conciseness chosen for the creation of the complete visual identity. 
The logo can also be used with monochrome tones. The primary colors are red and blue: they match together and create a strong contrast. The primary colors used are the ones from the Union Jack - adding a symbol of the hosting country, United Kingdom. Here, white comes as a complementary color, to highlight the blue and the red used. 

Blue : #012169                                                    Red : #c8102e
The Mockups

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